Motor And Control Shielded Cables MCVC-CY

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Motor and Control Shielded Cables MCVC-CY



●  Servo motor and control cable, unshielded

●  Fixed installation temperature: -20℃~+80℃; Mobile installation temperature: -5℃~+80℃

●  Voltage: 300-500V

●  Unsupported speed: 3m/s, sliding speed: 2m/s

●  Special low-viscosity and wear-resistant PVC mixture for outer sheath

▊  Product Properties

●  Conductor -Accord VDE0295 Class 6

●  Insulation layer-Special low viscosity PVC mixture

●  Special tensile strengthen rope/core

●  Inner jacket-High elastic PVC mixture

●  Tinned copper braid shield, Optical coverage reached 90%

●  Outer jacket-Special low viscosity wear resistant PVC mixture


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