Plastic Spherical Bearings

Plastic Spherical Bearings
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CSB-BAL® Spherical Balls

In standard spherical ball is made from EPB15 material, which is known for its high strength and low coefficient of friction while running dry. This is especially
important for low loads and very slow movements. Further to the standard material EPB15, spherical balls are now available in other materials presenting
particular advantages.

CSB-BAL® Housings

Standard housings made from M163, a long-fiber reinforced and extremely shock resistant polymer. Operation temperatures from –30℃ to +80℃, It is
available other materials for the housing such as aluminum alloy and stainless steel, please ask us for other materials.

Loads and Temperatures

The load capacity of the maintenance-free spherical bearing is very high at normal
ambient temperatures. The weight only one fifth of metal bearing. The excellent
dampening properties are based on the fact that the polymer material of the two
part bearing can absorb vibrations differently than steel. The load capacity of the
rod end should therefore be checked in a practical test, particularly if it will be used
under continuous high loads and at elevated temperatures.

Coefficient of sliding friction and speed

The shaft sliding in the spherical ball of the spherical bearing in normal operation, There is slightly sliding between the ball and the housing; The spherical
ball made from EPB15, Lower friction and permits high speeds, even when running dry.

Chemical resistance and water obsorption

CSB-BAL® plastic spherical bearings made from polymer are resistant to weak alkalines, weak acids and fuels, as well as all types of lubricants. The moisture
absorption of CSB-BAL® is approximately 1.3% weight in standard atmosphere. The saturation limit in water is 6.5%. This must be taken into evaluation for
applications. Please ask us if you need a special material for lower moisture absorption.

Radiation and UV resistance

The corrosion resistance of CSB-BAL® bearings gives them special value for outside applications. CSB-BAL® bearings are permanently resistant to UV
radiation. A small change in color of the spherical ball due to UV radiation does not affect the mechanical, electrical or thermal properties.


The bore of CSB-BAL® spherical ball is produced to a standard tolerance range E10. Shafts should also meet recommended tolerances h6 and h9. The
inner diameter with plug gauge to check but not caliper. Please contact us in case you require lower or other bearing tolerances.

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