Needle Bearing Cage Rotary Table Bearing

Needle Bearing Cage Rotary Table Bearing
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We insist on taking the road of technological innovation, introducing a large number of high-quality talents to develop new plastic linear bushings, Plastic Slewing Bearings, PCB Double Flange Plastic Clip Bearings. 'Quality, development, credibility, sincerity, cooperation and efficiency are the principles of us' We sincerely expect the good business relationship with customers from all of the world. Our market philosophy is to find and develop the most suitable market for us and strive to achieve the highest market share. Driven by the spirit of 'surpassing ourselves and creating first-class', our company actively promotes technological innovation and continuously expands the market space. Our company takes leading the development of the industry and pursuing quality as its bounden historical mission.

SRB02 High Load Slewing Ring Bearings


Standard Products

●  The sliding element is a standard CSB-11 bearing with high load and low friction factor

●  Inside and outside of the bearing are made with carbon steel and with chrome hard coated

●  The part is with extremely high load capacity and torque

●  Working temperature -196℃/+260℃

●  Easy installation and maintanence free



PDF Download: SRB02 High Load Slewing Ring Bearings

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We are constantly searching for newer and better methods to continuously improve product quality and service levels. We operate with integrity and are committed to becoming a leader in the Needle Bearing Cage Rotary Table Bearing industry. On the basis of our experience in the field and our creative spirit, we will continually find new customer demands and create new value for them. After many projects, our company has accumulated profound information and formed new competitive ability.

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