Light Weight Carbon Fiber Pressure Hatch

Light Weight Carbon Fiber Pressure Hatch
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Our company has accumulated many years of experience in manufacturing Plastic Thrust Bearings, LINP-11RF Flange Linear Plain Bearings, EPB26 Plastic Plain Bearings. We are always maintaining close contact with customers to ensure effective industry solutions. In the long-term marketing practice, our company is innovating in continuous progress and advancing in continuous innovation. Our company focuses on product development and technological innovation. Our company is built and managed in a modern enterprise mode, and constantly introduces and draws on advanced management experience and management methods. With superior products and complete specifications, our company insists on a high starting point, high standard, and high-quality work policy, and actively introduces technical personnel. We sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life to visit us.

CRG Filament Wound Bushings


CRG Filament-wound Bushings Features

●  Maintenance free & dry operation

●  Static load is 240MPa while dynamic load is 160MPa

●  Operating temperature range: -100℃ to 160℃

●  Excellent resistant to both dirt and dust

●  Excellent resistant to chemical


CRG Technical Data Sheet


PDF Download: CRG Filament Wound Bushings

CSB-FWB® Installation Method Introduction


Friction Coefficient

Friction Coefficient of filament Bearing is 0.03~0.12. The main factors affect the Friction Coefficient are Load, Moving method, Speed and Roughness of mating surfaces. Graph 1 shows the friction coefficient is going down while load is increasing under the rotation method.

Specification: CRB-6070-50 

Shaft: 45# HRC50, Ra=0.4 

Load: 20~140MPa 

Speed: 1.0m/min 

Lubricate: Dry

Standard Specifications

FWB Standard Specifications 1FWB Standard Specifications 2FWB Standard Specifications 3FWB Standard Specifications 4

CSB-FWB®filament-wound bearings are suitable for high-load applications, these bearings can meet most of the possible chemical medium; Filament-wound bearings are developed for dry friction and high-load movement, but it is also available used in oil lubrication, grease lubrication or water environment; CSB recommends that the bearing be used in immersed water or oil, CRW and CRF bearings are very suitable.

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