Industrial Cleaning Cylindrical Nylon Roller Brush

Industrial Cleaning Cylindrical Nylon Roller Brush
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We are committed to improving customer satisfaction through competitive high-quality linear bushes, bushing bearings, linear slide bearings and services that exceed customer expectations. Quality is the basis for an enterprise to maintain its brand, innovation is the condition for its sustainable operation, integrity is the guarantee for its survival. We are confident that we'll have a vibrant prospect and to be distributed all over the world in the years to come. We have continuously absorbed advanced scientific research results to meet customer needs, and fulfilled our quality commitments. With our excellent management, strong technical capability and strict quality control system, we continue to provide our clients with reliable quality, reasonable prices and excellent services.

CRG Filament Wound Bushings


CRG Filament-wound Bushings Features

●  Maintenance free & dry operation

●  Static load is 240MPa while dynamic load is 160MPa

●  Operating temperature range: -100℃ to 160℃

●  Excellent resistant to both dirt and dust

●  Excellent resistant to chemical


CRG Technical Data Sheet


PDF Download: CRG Filament Wound Bushings

CSB-FWB® Installation Method Introduction


Friction Coefficient

Friction Coefficient of filament Bearing is 0.03~0.12. The main factors affect the Friction Coefficient are Load, Moving method, Speed and Roughness of mating surfaces. Graph 1 shows the friction coefficient is going down while load is increasing under the rotation method.

Specification: CRB-6070-50 

Shaft: 45# HRC50, Ra=0.4 

Load: 20~140MPa 

Speed: 1.0m/min 

Lubricate: Dry

Standard Specifications

FWB Standard Specifications 1FWB Standard Specifications 2FWB Standard Specifications 3FWB Standard Specifications 4

CSB-FWB®filament-wound bearings are suitable for high-load applications, these bearings can meet most of the possible chemical medium; Filament-wound bearings are developed for dry friction and high-load movement, but it is also available used in oil lubrication, grease lubrication or water environment; CSB recommends that the bearing be used in immersed water or oil, CRW and CRF bearings are very suitable.

We recognize that our Industrial Cleaning Cylindrical Nylon Roller Brush need to be improved in order to remain competitive in the marketplace. We are confident that we are able to provide you with opportunities and will be a valuable business partner of you. We dare to compare quality, price and service with similar manufacturers in the market economy competition of reform and opening up.
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