Hfl1022kf Hfl1022kfr One Way Needle Roller Bearing

Hfl1022kf Hfl1022kfr One Way Needle Roller Bearing
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Our company is committed to becoming a leader in the Steering Rack Bushes, self lubricant Piston Bushings, PCB Double Flange Plastic Clip Bearings industry, actively implementing a 'total quality management' system, and striving to achieve 'excellenct product and perfect service' based on the actual needs of customers. Our company's supporting departments have complete supporting facilities and rapid response, which can provide a solid backing for new products to enter the market quickly. 'Sincerity will attract customers from all over the world, with reputation comes along'. We fully understand the needs of the regional market, so we can provide suitable solutions for local and multinational manufacturers. Facing the challenges of the new era, we are willing to join hands with the majority of users, keep pace with the times, pioneer and innovate, and create a win-win situation.

SRB02 High Load Slewing Ring Bearings


Standard Products

●  The sliding element is a standard CSB-11 bearing with high load and low friction factor

●  Inside and outside of the bearing are made with carbon steel and with chrome hard coated

●  The part is with extremely high load capacity and torque

●  Working temperature -196℃/+260℃

●  Easy installation and maintanence free



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Innovation can improve product value, so that demanding to connect our core capabilities with the value that customers cherish, thus to provide customers with unique Hfl1022kf Hfl1022kfr One Way Needle Roller Bearing to maximize satisfaction. We use advanced processing equipment and strict quality management system, while providing customers with professional design and technical guidance, products are popular both at home and board. 'Use wisdom to make products and serve customers with heart' is our service philosophy.
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