Hfl061012K Hfl081212K Hfl081412K One Way Needle Roller Bearing

Hfl061012K Hfl081212K Hfl081412K One Way Needle Roller Bearing
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We have state-of-the-art equipment and a solid technical core team to build a solid foundation for customers to offer them better quality Plastic Spherical Bearings, bushing bearings, low friction bearings. Service implementation is mainly based on customer demand, and all departments cooperate to complete the work according to the demand. We have accumulated experience by practice, made our professionalism by experience, and formed scale and authority by professionalism. Our goal is that let each of our clients will remain on the leading edge in an increasingly competitive global marketplace. We ensure the continuous satisfaction of employees and business partners with the concept of comprehensive excellence. We will continue to strengthen technological innovation planning and strategic management, and implement development plans.

SRB02 High Load Slewing Ring Bearings


Standard Products

●  The sliding element is a standard CSB-11 bearing with high load and low friction factor

●  Inside and outside of the bearing are made with carbon steel and with chrome hard coated

●  The part is with extremely high load capacity and torque

●  Working temperature -196℃/+260℃

●  Easy installation and maintanence free



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In the years ahead, we will develop much more superior Hfl061012K Hfl081212K Hfl081412K One Way Needle Roller Bearing for our customers, creating mutually beneficial business opportunities and profits. We constantly practice the business philosophy of 'Thanksgiving, Responsibility, Progress, and Win-win'. Based on honesty and credibility, our company provides domestic and foreign customers with high-quality and low-cost products and satisfactory services.
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