Agricultural Machinery Combine Roller Chain with 208af2, 208af1, C212af1, C210af1

Agricultural Machinery Combine Roller Chain with 208af2, 208af1, C212af1, C210af1
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We develop and use new materials in our open linear bushings, plastic linear slide bearings, plastic plain bearings to minimize the negative impact of our operations on the environment and to protect the ecological environment. To build a happier, much more united and far more professional team! In order to better serve the vast number of users, our company subdivides the products, so that our business personnel have a more professional understanding of the product, a better understanding of the industry situation and more timely and thoughtful service for users. Our company will always adhere to the market-oriented, customer-oriented, through full participation, system management, continuous improvement and other ways, to provide customers with high-quality products and services.

Plastic Escalator Self-lubricated Rotary Chain


-  Rotating parts are equipped with self-lubricating plastic bearings

-  EPB15 bearings provide the maintenance-free function of the chain system, as well as dust and corrosion resistance to ensure that the chain system can run freely under critical conditions.

-  Long-term stable operation and low-noise design can prevent the chain system from jamming and causing operation failures.

-  The metal parts of the chain have been specially treated and can be used outdoors for a long time.

▊ Rolling bearing rotary chains


▊ PEC self-lubricated rotary chains


PDF Downloading: Plastic Escalator Self-lubricated Rotary Chain

▊ CSB-PEC® Standard Installation Method


Years of Agricultural Machinery Combine Roller Chain with 208af2, 208af1, C212af1, C210af1 sales history makes us have a profound understanding of advanced products in the process of communication and learning with foreign advanced manufacturers. Our products keep pace with the development of the world to create products and brands that satisfy customers with high standards, high technology and specialization! In the new century, our company continues to carry forward the enterprise spirit of 'endless pursuit and all-round improvement', abides by quality first and customer first.
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