Zhejiang Changsheng Plastic Bearing Technology Co., LTD

On the afternoon of February 16th, zhejiang changsheng plastic bearing technology co., LTD. 's annual summary and commendation meeting for 2018 was grandly held in the multi-function hall of the company's employees' home.The company all middle - level above the leadership, the staff representative nearly 200 people attended the conference

First of all, he made a theme report. He reviewed the company's work in 2018 from five aspects: transformation, sales, research and development, management and staff life.He pointed out that over the past year, in the sino-us trade frictions escalating downward pressure on industry under the condition of increasing, grasped the nettle and eight ring through vigorously promotes the style transformation and management, the government under the strong support of the city, the new factory project rapid fall to the ground, changxing company steady development, sales performance in growth, surrendered a more satisfactory answer, for the company continued to promote transformation and upgrading, higher quality development played a dose of "booster".For the New Year's work, the company should focus on the two core tasks of operation standardization and profit maximization, adhere to high-quality development, focus on the "five strong five promotion", and strive to promote the company's high-quality development to a new level.

At the meeting, the company for the first time for zhejiang changsheng plastic bearing technology co., LTD.At the meeting, the middle and senior leaders of the company signed the commitment letter of key performance indicators in 2019 on behalf of their respective work and departments, and the leaders of departments and departments made statements.The 2018 advanced collective and advanced individual were read out and awarded, and gold, silver and bronze MEDALS were awarded to the veteran employees with 20, 15 and 10 years of service.