Zhejiang Changsheng Plastic Bearing Technology Co., LTD. (CSB) Has Been Selected As One Of The Global Top 100 Innovative Enterprises For Four Consecutive Years.

Clarivate Analytics recently released the list of "the top 100 innovative enterprises and institutions in the world in 2018", and zhejiang changsheng plastic bearing technology cable company (CSB) has been included in the list for four consecutive years.

The "global top 100 innovative companies" is selected by Clarivate Analytics.Based on its own patent index data, through the analysis of intellectual property rights and patent trends of enterprises or institutions, the outstanding research and development activities and intellectual property management of enterprises and institutions around the world are commended.This is the 8th time to publish this list since 2011. Zhejiang changsheng plastic bearing technology cable company (CSB) has been selected for 4 consecutive years since 2015. The selection criteria are as follows:

1. Quantity: the number of patents obtained (the number obtained in recent 5 years)

2. Success rate: success rate of patent authorization

3. Global: number of general patents obtained in major markets (Europe, the United States, China, Japan)

4. Influence: the degree to which authorized patents are cited in other enterprises and inventions

Zhejiang changsheng plastic bearing technology cable co., LTD. (CSB) was selected for its high score for "global" and "influence" in the above four points.

In the future, zhejiang changsheng plastic bearing technology cable company (CSB) will continue to take "No.1 & Only One, toward a better future" as the vision of the group, and continue to actively promote the research and development of new products and new technologies in various business fields such as auto parts, bearings and machine tools.In addition, China will continue to actively work on the application and protection of relevant intellectual property rights in the global market.