Zhejiang Changsheng Plastic Bearing Technology Co., Ltd. Undertook The Academic Standard

      Zhejiang  Changsheng Plastic Bearing Technology Co., Ltd. undertook the "Academic  Standard" declared by the Industrial Technology Research Institute.  After more than a year of gradual examination and checking by  municipalities and provinces, it finally issued the "Trademark  Registration Certificate" with the approval of the State Intellectual  Property Office recently.

The  overall design of the courtyard standard is a circular bearing with the  outer ring of the bearing. The Chinese and English names of the  courtyard are inlaid in it. The color of the courtyard standard is  green, representing "green environmental protection".  The center of the circular bearing is a bearing rotating in the  "universe". There are nine gear-shaped cylindrical rollers on the  bearing. Two of them represent the two major themes of the Shaft  Research Institute: R&D and trial-production; the other seven  represent the seven major functions of the Shaft Research Institute:  design, R&D, process optimization, trial-production, bearing and  parts testing, standard parts testing, tool clamp measuring tool design.

Axle  Research Institute focuses on the latest developments of bearings, and  is committed to accelerating the technological upgrading of the bearing  industry in Hebei Province, improving the level of bearing research and  development and manufacturing, and promoting the overall improvement of  bearing product quality in Zhejiang Province.