Why Is The Load Capacity Of CSB-LIN® Plastic Linear Bearings Larger Than Ball Linear Bearings?

Why is the load capacity of CSB-LIN® plastic linear bearings larger than ball linear bearings?

Why is the load capacity of CSB-LIN® plastic linear bearings larger than traditional ball linear bearings? It is easy to find out it is true from the analysis of the structure of CSB-LIN® plastic linear bearing and the traditional ball bearing. The LIN plastic linear bearing and the shaft are face-to-face contact, while the traditional ball linear bearing and the shaft surface are point and line contact. This determines that the bearing capacity of LIN plastic linear bearings is greater than traditional ball linear bearings.


It is also worth mentioning that: CSB-LIN®  plastic linear bearings can be operating completely without lubrication or medium, while traditional ball linear bearings must be lubricated with grease and cannot be immersed in solution. CSB-LIN®  plastic linear bearings operate smoothly with low noise, however, the noise of traditional ball linear bearings will increase with the increase of operating speed, mainly due to the noise caused by the collision of balls and balls during high-speed operation.