Why Can CSB-PEC® Escalator Rotary Chain Run For A Long Time In Low Noise Without Lubricants

The key rotating parts of CSB-PEC® self-lubricating escalator rotary chain adopt the design of self-lubricating plastic bearings, abandoning the traditional design of rolling bearing. The escalator rotary chain generally adapts rolling bearings. The friction between the handrail and the guide rail will produce a lot of abrasive debris and dust. These abrasive debris and dust have a serious impact on the operation and the life of rolling bearings. The escalators operating outdoors will also fail due to the rust of rolling bearings. After working for a period of time, the rolling bearings are prone to make more noise or even get stuck. It will lead to more wear of the handrail and more load on the escalator operating system which ultimately affects the service life of the motor. The rotary chain at the end of the transmission rolling bearing begins to exhibit abnormality, noise and even stuck problems after about 6 months of operation.

The bearings in the CSB-PEC® escalator chain are made of self-lubricating material: EPB15 engineering plastics, solving the problem of oil filling and maintenance requirements. EPB15 material have excellent resistance to dust so that EPB15 self-lubricating bearings can work normally for a long time under very harsh environments. The long-term stable and low-noise operation of the new PEC escalator rotary chain has successfully solved the problems of noise and easy-to-stuck of the rolling bearing chain. The metal parts on the PEC escalator rotary chain all adopt special surface treatment to ensure long-term stable operations outdoors.

The secret of CSB-PEC® escalator rotary chain with long life is the innovation of self-lubricating bearings. It has become a typical case of the successful application of self-lubricating engineering plastic bearings in the elevator industry. The engineering plastic bearings developed in this way are favored by more and more design engineers which can be used in maintenance-free parts of elevator systems, in traction machines and maintenance-free drive chains and so on.