Why Are There So Many Different CSB-EPB® Plastic Plain Bearings Materials?

Why are there so many different CSB-EPB® plastic plain bearings materials?

CSB has released more than 50 CSB-EPB® plastic sliding bearing materials. If you count the materials that have not been released in the test, there are actually nearly a hundred engineering plastic materials in total. CSB materials engineers develop each material according to the actual needs of customers based on the advantages of CSB's decades of experience in the development of polymer wear-resistant materials. All materials have passed numerous tests. Before reaching the customer, each material has undergone nearly a hundred different tests in the CSB laboratory.

Among many CSB-EPB® plastic sliding bearing materials, EPB is the most widely used bearing material. It can be used in general operating conditions, and EPB bearings have a long service life. EPB3 is a high-strength wear-resistant bearing material; EPB4 is a bearing material that can withstand 200 degrees high temperature and has strong chemical resistance. EPB5 is a high-performance material that can withstand temperatures up to 250 degrees, but it is of little value when used at room temperature. EPB7, EPB13, EPB15 have been developed as materials with high wear resistance and long life. EPB13 is the standard material for plastic linear bearing bushes. EPB15 is used in the escalator slewing chain. The average continuous running time of EPB15 bearing in dust is 12-16 hours per day, and the service life is very long. Escalators using EPB15 bearings are still operating normally.

Of course, CSB-EPB® plastic sliding bearing materials include materials with special properties. These special materials can only play a role under specific working conditions and are not suitable for normal applications; for example, EPB9 conductive plastic bearings are specially designed for antistatic operation under dry friction; EPB20 also has antistatic properties, but it is actually Can be used for high-speed underwater rotation. EPB24 is an oil-containing material specially developed for automotive fuel systems and is not suitable for dry friction operations.

Among many high-performance materials, CSB has also developed many low-cost materials to meet market needs, such as EPBH, EPB2D, EPB3G, etc., which are suitable for long-term static loads or intermittent low loads. Speed movement.