What Is The Introduction Of Plastic Bearings?

                                                 CSB plastic bearing

. First, precision plastic bearing introduction: precision plastic bearing than traditional plastic bearing precision and tolerance improved. Precision plastic bearings using suitable for precision machining of materials inside and outside the ring, rolling body and a holding frame, on the basis of keeping some traditional advantages of plastic bearings, can be applied to the precision and high speed operation in some extreme conditions. The general inner and outer ring materials adopt POM, PPS, or peek, and the cages are made of glass fiber reinforced nylon 66 (rpa66-25), or peek, and the rolling bodies are glass balls, stainless steel balls or ceramic balls. Two introduction: plastic bearing resistance, corrosion corrosion resistant plastic bearings for those different application solutions of various materials, even under the most severe acid / alkali / salt / solvent / oil / gas / water erosion is still able to operate freely, to ensure ideal durability and life expectancy. Three, acid and alkali resistance plastic bearings introduction: anti acid plastic bearings, HDPE, PE, UHMWPE and other materials have been shown to be able to cross for a relatively weak acid environment (CuCl2 and 30%naoh solution to test OK 30%), strong acid and alkali environment can use PVDF and PTFE PTFE materials, these materials can be used in concentrated acid all and concentrated alkali occasions, even including HF and fuming sulfuric acid nitric acid environment (more than 98%). Fourth, high temperature resistant plastic profile bearing: high temperature resistant plastic bearings, PVDF, PTFE (Teflon), PPS (PPS), Peek (PEEK), PI (polyetherimide) and other materials have proved to be some ideal material for high temperature plastic bearings, these materials can be used in PI temperature 290 C environment for a long time, short-term temperature resistance can reach 350 degrees high, is currently all known engineering plastics is one of the best high temperature performance. Five, plastic bearing and plastic ball bearings: plastic ball bearing has no bearing properties of other plastics, such as light weight, easy installation, corrosion resistance, free of maintenance, but also has the unique characteristics of commonly used cast iron or stamping block do not have vibration impact energy. With the continuous development of all kinds of new plastic materials, this kind of bearing is more and more applied in various engineering. Source: Internet, finishing.

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