What Is The Difference Between CSB-EPB® Plastic Plain Bearings And Plastic Rolling Bearings?

What is the difference between CSB-EPB® plastic plain bearings and plastic rolling bearings?

The CSB-EPB® plastic plain bearings is made of one or more of high-performance engineering plastics, taking advantage of the modification technology of polymer materials that is the modified solid lubricants and special reinforcing fibers are implanted in the matrix. It is sliding friction between the bearing and the shaft, while it is rolling friction of the plastic rolling bearing. There is surface-to-surface contact between the plastic sliding bearing and the shaft, and the balls of the rolling bearing are in point contact with the inner and outer rings. Therefore, the load capacity of engineering plastic sliding bearings is greater than that of plastic rolling bearings, on the contrary, the allowable linear velocity of sliding bearings is lower than that of rolling bearings. The body material of the engineering plastic sliding bearing is self-lubricating and wear-resistant material, that it can provide solid lubrication permanently. The life of the sliding bearings is much longer than that of the general surface lubrication bearings. This is also the reason that more and more engineers of manufacturing enterprises now prefer engineering plastic bearings.