What Is The Design Principle Of CSB-LIN® Plastic Linear Bearings For Dust Resistance And Long Life?

What is the design principle of CSB-LIN® plastic linear bearings for dust resistance and long life?

CSB-LIN® plastic linear bearings are resistant to dust with a longer service life. The liner material of CSB-LIN® plastic linear bearings is the durable and highly wear-resistant EPB13 plastic material. The design of the internal axial skew groove uniformly distributed on the structure, making the CSB-LIN® plastic linear bearings can quickly get rid of the dust on the surface between shaft and bearing during the movement and can dissipate the friction heat in time. The second generation plastic linear bearings adopts the inclined groove design to avoid the blind area of the contacting surface between shaft and bearing for better protecting the shaft; the updated design further improves the load capacity of the bearings by reducing the width of the groove; more importantly, the new design of allowable rotation along the circumferential direction during linear motion makes LIN plastic linear bearings more widely used in different applications.