Wear And Tear Of Bearing

Because the wear resistance of the Plastic bearing has been influenced by many factors, it is difficult to accurately describe the wear and life of the bearing. Through countless experiments, the factors that affect the wearability and life of the ring bearing are load, speed, movement mode, shaft material and roughness, environmental temperature and dust, external lubricating medium category and so on. The wear resistance of bearings gradually decreases with the increase of load, speed and temperature. When the external lubrication media exist, the wear resistance of bearings will increase exponentially.

We recommend that the roughness of the shaft is Ra0.2-Ra0.8, and the shaft is too rough or too smooth, which will lead to the aggravation of the wear. The shaft is too rough, just like scrapers, scratch the bearing's friction surface. The shaft is too smooth, which will cause the abrasion on the surface between the friction surface and the bearing surface.

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