Successful Development Of A Highly Abrasion-resistant Filament-wound Bearing

Filament-wound bearings offer the best dry friction performance, and have won widespread acceptance from users. filament-wound bearings possess the load-bearing ability of metal sliding bearings, while also offering better dry friction performance than metal sliding bearings, and achieving excellent long-term maintenance-free operation under dry friction conditions. CSB has relied on many long-term user application cases to verify that filament-wound bearing offer superior bearing ability and abrasion resistance under dry friction conditions;

Filament-wound bearings offer superb load-bearing ability (greater than 150 Mpa), and are the ideal choice for engineers designing underwater operating mechanisms. However, because the CRM, CRB, and CRG series of high-load filament-wound bearings all display optimal performance under dry friction conditions, CSB's bearing material R&D engineers have had to address a new filament-wound bearing application issue. CSB established a highly abrasion-resistant filament-wound bearing R&D team at the beginning of 2012, and introduced underwater CRW filament-wound bearings in September 2013 after theoretical analysis, design, and extensive testing. Taking dry friction material theory as a basis, our materials R&D engineers changed the lubricant component from a dry friction material to a water-lubricated formulation, while leaving the wear-resistant bearing body unchanged. Cross-testing verified that the CRW filament-wound bearing design offered almost five times the abrasion resistance of dry friction bearings under water-lubricated conditions. Long-term laboratory testing and in-use testing by users have further proven that the bearings meet their design goals. CRW filament-wound bearings have since been successfully applied at utilities stations and tidal power generating stations.