Plastic Linear Bearing

Plastic linear bearing is a kind of self lubricating characteristics of linear motion system, the biggest difference is that the metal and metal linear bearings, linear bearings are rolling friction between the bearing and the cylinder axis is point contact, so it is suitable for low load and high speed motion; linear bearing is plastic sliding friction between bearing and shaft, cylindrical surface contact so, this is suitable for high load low speed.
Linear bearings with plastic shaft has no special requirements; can bear more load than the metal bearing, but because between the bearing and the shaft movement is sliding friction, so that the plastic linear bearing motion speed limits; motion resistance than metal linear bearings should be high; but the movement noise than metal linear bearing is low. Especially in the case of high speed, with the speed of plastic linear bearing noise influence is very small. Because of the plastic linear bearings with internal chip design, so allow the use of dust in more occasions, dust in the process of movement from the chip with a bearing friction surface; plastic linear bearing also allows cleaning during use, even for long-term operation of the liquid in the body.

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