Participation In The Guidelines For The Implementation Of The Certification Of The Rolling Bearing Of The Main Shaft Of The Wind Turbine Set Up The Certification System Of The Auxiliary Wind Power Spindle Bearing Of Zhejiang Changsheng Plastic Bearing Technology Co., Ltd.

The "guide" takes "the rules and procedures of the qualification certification of wind turbine generator group" as a reference for the overall certification of the wind power industry, and actively responds to the requirements of the State Council's 2016 Article 18 and the State Energy Bureau's 2014 Article No. 412nd, which will provide a good demonstration and guidance to the certification bodies and production enterprises of the wind power industry.

As one of the main drafting units, Changsheng plastic bearing technology Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the whole project from the establishment of the working group. With the authority and experts, from the point of view of the certification guidelines, the basic research project of the core parts of the wind turbine, the main shaft rolling bearing, is set up. The analysis and comparison of the current domestic and foreign wind turbine main bearing certification standard, the product technical standard, the public standard and the internal standard of the enterprise, and the quality management body are analyzed and compared. Suggestions and ideas are given for the requirements of the system, the conformance and reliability requirements of bearing design schemes, and the testing methods for specific standards.

In recent years, the wind energy industry has entered a high quality development stage. As the last link in the development of the wind turbine, the certification of the whole equipment and components of the wind turbine unit plays a vital role in improving the quality and stability of the products and optimizing the performance of the wind turbines. However, at present, the relevant quality certification system and the main bearing certification mode of wind power are not perfect, and there are some problems such as unequal evaluation objectives and low international reliability.

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