New Plastic Bearings Fill The Gap In China

A few days ago, the China Machinery Industry Federation held a review conference on "the cooling plastic bearing of the No. 1 nuclear power plant of Hualong No. 1 nuclear power unit", which was developed by Zhejiang Changsheng plastic bearing technology Co., Ltd., which was developed by the Zhejiang Changsheng plastic bearing technology Co., Ltd. in Jiashan. At the review conference, the project successfully passed the review with the unique and international leading evaluation results, indicating that the nuclear power technology of the independent research and development of the equipment manufacturing enterprises in China will lead the development direction of the international new plastic bearing.

The experts expressed that the design method of the new plastic bearing of PPESK resin based composite material with independent intellectual property in CSB is advanced, the structure is reasonable, the manufacturing process and the selection of material are excellent. The performance indexes meet the technical requirements of the technical conditions, such as the no top oil inert stop (SBO working condition) and so on. Please. The full size thrust bearing was tested by 375 hours full flow test and 53 start stop (including 2 times without top oil shutdown). The results met the requirements of the technical specification and the test outline; the material of the thrust pad was tested for 2184 hours in high temperature, and the material properties were stable. At the same time, the same material and process were used. The 300MW nuclear main pump thrust bearing has completed 2012 hours high load operation and 206 non top oil starting and stopping tests on the bearing test bench, and the performance indexes meet the technical requirements.

The party secretary and the director of the Party committee of Changsheng Group said that CSB has done some work in promoting the development of China's nuclear power industry, and has made certain achievements. But there is still a long way to go on the road of R & D in the future. The CSB group will keep in mind the mission and responsibility, and vigorously implement the new development concept and vigorously implement the innovation drive. Development strategy, to advance ahead, and to play an important role in accelerating the construction of an innovative country.