Mechanical Rotating High-voltage Isolation Switch Failure Solvers Plastic Bearings

Plastic bearings become high-voltage isolation switch mechanical rotation failure solvers. The national electricity system work conference on high-voltage switch, power users running on 35 ~ 500kV national grid quality of each high-voltage isolation switch expressed concern, noting four major problems prevailing isolation switch: First contact overheating; Second, porcelain fracture; third is the movement catching; four is not in place of opening and closing. These problems have seriously affected the safe operation of the power grid. Wherein the motion catching phenomenon often occur, particularly in the use of more than one year of high-voltage isolation switch, with the use of the year to extend its galling failure rate was significantly increased; after the majority of users and technical staff to the scene found that lead to high-voltage isolation switch mechanical rotation of the main factors of failure: after some customers brass bushing disconnector damp brass sleeve serious dezincification, zinc oxide gap weekend packed with sliding fit, increase the resistance movement or no movement; part Although the three-layer composite self-lubricating bearing corrosion phenomenon does not occur in the short term, but the majority are still shedding plated layer began to rust corrosion increases the rotating parts of the resistance movement.   

High voltage isolation switch catching due to rust, icing hinder the operation is not flexible, operating torque increases and other reasons, there will be inseparable, not close or division is not in place, and in severe operating member or broken insulators subjected to the additional stress fracture a serious threat to the safe operation of the power grid, and even cause major blackouts. Mechanical transmission elements of a conventional outdoor isolation switch mostly made of galvanized steel pin with brass bushings or three-layer composite self-lubricating bushings motion deputy. Outdoor isolating switch drive system pin and bushings, galvanized steel pin should not be used with brass bushings, it recommended stainless steel pin with bush or stainless steel ball rachis, stainless steel pin or the infiltration of zinc pin with plastic self-lubricating bushings, so that the operation does not require periodic lubrication to maintain a long-term joint activities flexible and smooth and reliable operation.   

 CSB-EPB3 plastic plain bearings to address the role of high-voltage isolation switch expert in high-voltage electrical industry has been a lot of customers fully affirmed; CSB-EPB3 plastic plain bearings are made of high quality engineering plastics as wear-resistant substrate by a polymer modification technology implantable reinforcing fibers and wear agent; fiber reinforced plastic greatly improved the mechanical properties of self-lubricating bushings, wear agent reduces the coefficient of friction plastic bearings plastic bearings ensure low-friction movement throughout the course of vice, greatly extended plastic bearing life.   

CSB-EPB3 plastic sliding bearings due to the overall non-metallic materials are plastic, so there is no rust corrosion problems; modification are made of self-lubricating plastic material self-lubricating bushings overall material, excellent abrasion resistance permanent reducing the rotational load of high-voltage isolation switch, to prevent the loss of lubricant due after the metal bearing rotational load increases due to corrosion or mechanical catching rotation occurring fault.  

 A few years ago began the current domestic customers have been part of the introduction of foreign design began extensive use of plastic sliding bearings replace the original brass or three sets of self-lubricating composite bearings, their effectiveness has been a lot of testing and actual use of proven names CSB-EPB3 plastic sliding bearings has become a high-voltage isolation switch mechanical rotating failure solvers.