The More Expensive The CSB® Plastic Plain Bearings, The Better The Wear Resistance?

The more expensive the CSB® plastic plain bearings, the better the wear resistance?   


Many users have always had this misunderstanding: the more expensive the CSB® plastic plain bearings, the better the performance. In fact, there are dozens of models of CSB® plastic plain bearings materials, most of which are used in special occasions. The most versatile EPB® plastic plain bearings can meet most requirements under normal working conditions with the excellent wear resistance; EPB13 and EPB7 engineering plastic bearings are designed and applied for long-term operation; EPB9 engineering plastic bearings are more expensive than EPB bearings while its wear resistance is not better, because EPB9 bearings are mainly used in anti-static applications; EPB20 engineering plastic bearings are also not cheap and the wear resistance under dry friction is generally good, however, the wear resistance is excellent when running under water at high speed; EPB24 engineering plastic bearings are specifically developed for automotive fuel systems for the high-performance; high temperature resistant EPB5 engineering plastic bearings are already widely used in 250℃ working environments, however, it is obviously not cost-effective at room temperature; Other engineering plastic bearings such as EPB14 and EPB14A are used in light-load and extremely high-speed operations.

    EPB工程塑料轴承 PCB卡箍塑料轴承 PYB薄壁塑料轴承 FLB法兰塑料轴承 PEW工程塑料板簧轴承

Each CSB® plastic plain bearings material has its special apply characteristics. When we choose engineering plastic bearings, we must determine the demand according to the actual working conditions, not just based on the performance parameters or price of the bearings. If you are not very familiar with CSB® plastic plain bearings materials, you can contact our sales engineers to assist in selection, or through the online search for engineering plastic bearings on our official website for preliminary options, or download the ADS engineering plastic bearing design and application system from our website to make more detailed selections. The ADS bearing design and application system supports printing and sending design parameters of CSB® plastic plain bearings, and the latest plastic bearing data can be upgraded online.