How To Fix The CSB-EPB® Plastic Plain Bearings Into The Housing?

How to fix the CSB-EPB® plastic plain bearings into the housing?

The outer diameter of the CSB-EPB® plastic sliding bearing is designed to have a positive tolerance and can be interference fit with the standard H7 mounting hole. Sufficient interference press-in force can ensure that the bearing will not fall out of the bearing seat during operation. The CSB-EPB® plastic sliding bearing has an external chamfer at one end, which can provide guidance during the installation process to prevent the bearing from being damaged during the press-fitting process. It is recommended that the chamfer of the bearing housing hole at the 25-degree angle of the press-in end is 1~2.5mm to avoid damage to the outer surface of the bearing. This can also ensure the standard tolerance value of the bearing after press-in.

No additional adhesive is required to install CSB-EPB® plastic sliding bearings. If the working condition temperature exceeds the allowable working temperature of the bearing and a special adhesive is required to strengthen the bearing, please contact CSB application technical engineer:

  After pressing the CSB-EPB® plastic sliding bearing into the bearing seat, the bore tolerance standard is E10 tolerance, and the matching shaft tolerance is h9. CSB engineering plastic bearings do not require additional lubricants. If you must use other lubricants, please contact CSB application technical engineer: