How To Find The Appropriate CSB-EPB® Plastic Plain Bearings Material?

How to find the appropriate CSB-EPB® plastic plain bearings material?

When selecting the appropriate CSB-EPB® plastic sliding bearing material, the most important parameters are the bearing load, temperature, speed and PV value. Several suitable bearing materials can be selected based on these basic information. Of course, for users who use plastic bearings for the first time, they can also use the 2 sets of engineering plastic bearing design and application systems developed by CSB for preliminary selection:

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You can also choose the appropriate bearing material according to the most critical characteristics of the bearing. For example, if you need anti-static bearings, obviously you can only choose between EPB9 and EPB20; if you need to use bearings with a high temperature of 250 degrees, choose between EPB5, EPB5Z and EPB10; for example, if the bearing material must comply with FDA food Grade standard, you only need to choose EPB5A, EPB6A, EPB11, EPB23. Then filter based on other demand characteristics. Of course, you can also directly ask our sales engineers for help in selection.