How To Ensure Long Life Of CSB-EPB® Plastic Plain Bearings Without Lubrication?

How to ensure long life of CSB-EPB® plastic plain bearings without lubrication?

How to ensure long life of CSB-EPB® plastic plain bearings without lubrication? Solving this problem is the core work of CSB material development engineers. Using material modification technology to optimize basic plastics and accumulate decades of wear-resistant material modification test data, CSB material development engineers can quickly select the correct bearing material suitable for various special application requirements.

The most critical moment is the start-up phase of all sliding bearings. The most common situation at this time is that the lubricating film has not yet formed when the bearing starts to run. As long as the bearing works under load, the bearing will wear slightly. In the start-up phase, when the wear is sufficient, these fine wear particles will fill the outer surface of the shaft. After testing, it is found that the best lubricating film can be produced when the bearing is in a low-wear operating state. After starting, the slight wear of the bearing is rapidly reduced, and these changes have little effect on the size of the bearing. The wear rate of the bearing is very small, and it will remain stable in subsequent continuous work. We require the surface roughness of the matching shaft to be between Ra0.2-Ra0.6. Although it looks smooth, there are actually many small pits on the surface under the miniature. This is a necessary condition for the rapid formation of a hard lubricating film on the surface of the grinding shaft in the early stage of bearing wear. Why is there a certain range of requirements for shaft surface roughness? The reason is as follows: If the surface is too smooth, the lubricant cannot be adsorbed on the surface of the shaft to form a lubricating film, which will shorten the life of the bearing. If the surface of the shaft is too rough, it will repeatedly scratch the inner surface of the bearing, and the lubrication film cannot be formed due to scratches and wear. These conditions will affect the actual life of the bearing.