How Long Is The Custom Sampling Period Of Non-standard Bearings For Engineering Plastic Bearings?

How long is the custom sampling period of non-standard bearings for engineering plastic bearings?

CSB engineering plastic bearings can provide customized services according to customer requirements. However, we still recommend customers to choose standard specifications in the catalog. It requires 30 days for non-standard bearings generally from mold opening to sample supply. The parts of the wear-resistant structure need to be no longer than 45 days for the first trail samples. No matter what special reasonable requirements you have for the bearing materials, CSB can always find the materials suitable for you. Our cooperative team and suppliers ensure that the dimension accuracy of your plastic bearing products to meet the design goals.

If the customized plastic bearings are not suitable for mold production, you can also choose suitable materials from our engineering plastic self-lubricating rods and make the plastic sliding bearings according to you needs by turning.

We will do everything possible to fulfill your needs for non-standard design of plastic bearings!