Engineering Plastic Bearing

1, plastic bearings are integral lubricating materials, long service life; 2, plastic bearings use will not rust and corrosion resistance; 3, lighter than metal plastic bearing quality, lightweight design is more suitable for the trend of modernization; 4, the plastic metal bearing manufacturing cost is lower; the plastic bearing is the injection molding process and is suitable for mass production; 5, plastic bearing no noise in operation, has the function of absorbing vibration; plastic inner and outer rings of bearing materials commonly used engineering plastics as raw materials, are also part of the wear-resistant metal as raw materials. The roller generally chooses glass ball, stainless steel ball and ceramic ball. The maintainer selects glass fiber reinforced nylon 66 (PA66) and PE or higher performance engineering plastics. High precision plastic bearings are generally used in precision NC machining, and the bearings are better in rotation precision and tolerance. In general, many traditional plastic bearings are made by direct injection molding, which has a high performance price ratio because the molding is convenient and solid.

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