Does The Housing Bore Of PCB Plastic Clamp Bearing Require High Accuracy?

Does the housing bore of PCB plastic clamp bearing require high accuracy?

PCB plastic clamp bearings are made of CSB-EPB3M material which is strong, durable and good in elasticity. This bearing is specially designed for the safety requirements of stamping metal sheet, especially the stamping plate of car seat. There is a diagonal cut joint on the PCB plastic clamp bearings.It is easy to assemble the PCB bearing onto the stamping metal sheet by squashing the bearing a little to pass through the mounting hole of the metal plate, then loose the bearing and the flanges at both ends can be axially limited to prevent falling off.The design of the diagonal cut joint of the PCB bearing and the good elasticity of the bearing material allow a bigger range in the tolerances of the mounting hole. It can meet the needs of customers through the automatic adaptability of plastic clamp bearings. Of course, we recommend that the tolerance deviation direction of the mounting hole and the shaft are the same, to make sure the clearance between the bearing and the shaft is in the rang of 0.02 to 0.10mm.