CSB Was Awarded Jiaxing Linear Bearing Leading Enterprise

Recently, Jiaxing Bearing Industry Association awarded Zhejiang Changsheng Plastic Bearing Technology Co., Ltd. "Jiaxing Plastic Bearing Leading Enterprise" honorary title! CSB will take this honor as the driving force, continuous innovation, enhance the strength of enterprises, and make greater contributions to the industry.

Zhejiang Changsheng Plastic Bearing Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional linear bearing manufacturer. The company continuously optimizes the technological process, research and develop new products, concentrate on its own advantages, and optimize the products, forming a design, development, manufacturing and service as one of the production and management system. At present, the company's main products are: linear bearings, linear bearing box units, guideways, axle bearings, optical shafts, etc., has become an important production enterprise of linear bearings in China. Products exported to Europe and America, South America, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and other countries and regions.