CSB Successfully Developed High Precision Long Life Ball Screw (Fig.)

Zhejiang Changsheng Plastic Bearing Technology Co., Ltd. has successfully developed "high precision long life ball screw". The product is expected to start providing samples in January 2019 and mass production in spring 2020.

CSB held "JIMTOF 2018 29th China" on November 1-6, 2018

The product was displayed at the International Machine Tool Exhibition.

Development background

In recent years, in the market of machine tools and semiconductor manufacturing equipment, with the development of high-performance machinery, the requirement of high-speed, high-precision and high-stiffness processing capability, stable and improved production performance and maintenance-free "labor-saving" is becoming higher and higher. In order to meet this market demand, NSK has developed technology for the modification of groove surface of ball screw.

Product expertise

1. Reduce wear and improve precision life

It is the first time in the world that CSB has adopted modification technology on the raceway surface of ball screw to greatly improve the oil film forming ability. In the evaluation of low-speed, micro-motion and small-stroke operation, which is difficult to form oil film, the high precision and long-life ball screw achieves three times the wear resistance effect of the current product by comparing the pre-tightening residual rate.

By improving the ability of oil film formation and reducing the contact between grooves and steel balls, wear can be restrained and the life of positioning accuracy can be prolonged.

2. Extension of Life

By realizing the longevity of positioning accuracy, the maintenance period of the machine is prolonged.

Product effect

The high precision and long life ball screw is suitable for the equipment which requires more rigorous positioning accuracy, especially for the die processing center and EDM equipment which require very high positioning accuracy.