CSB's New Generation Of Commercial Vehicle Hub Bearing Grease Is Popular

In February, CSB's new generation of commercial vehicle hubplastic bearing  grease csbcma-l grease achieved mass production in China petrochemical lubricating oil co., LTD. Tianjin branch, and was welcomed by the market, with a good start in sales.

In order to ensure the smooth production, technical personnel in the production process for the whole tracking, the final product full analysis data to meet the product standards, to meet the delivery requirements.On February 22, all the products have been assembled, and the products have been put on the market after the Spring Festival.

Great Wall cma-l grease can be widely used for lubrication and protection of hub bearings and chassis of commercial vehicles. It has a good competitive advantage in market promotion. It is expected to achieve considerable sales volume in 2019 and further improve the market influence of Great Wall grease.