CSB-PRB® Ball Bearings Tool V1.0

CSB-PRB® Ball Bearings Tool v1.0

▊  CSB-PRB® Plastic Ball Bearings Finder[V2.0] 

Based on the analysis and calculation of a large number of test data in the CSB laboratory. You can calculate material data by inputting parameters such as bearing load, speed and temperature, and finally output material adaptability data.

▊  Because the system is calculated and analyzed based on laboratory data, it cannot fully meet actual needs. System data verification has certain limitations. CSB recommends that the bearing must be tested again to verify whether it meets actual requirements.

▊  The output data information of CSB-PRB® Plastic Ball Bearing Finder is for design reference only and cannot be used as the final standard for determining the qualification of bearing materials. If you have any questions, please contact CSB sales engineer.