CSB Plastic Bearing Poland Branch Wins TOYOTA Auto European Supplier Award

CSB plastic bearing Poland branch won the 2017 annual supplier award of TOYOTA motor Europe quality achievement. The award was presented March 27 at the Toyota Motor World Classic Car Museum in Brussels, Belgium, at the 2018 Toyota Motor Europe Annual Business Conference.

Every year, top executives at Toyota's European companies and European suppliers look back on last year's finances. The 2017 Quality Achievement Supplier Award is the third Toyota European Award awarded to CSB Plastic Bearing Polish Branch after 2008 and 2014.

The award was based on many KPIs (key performance indicators), including PPM (one in a million), which many OEMs use to measure the number of defective parts in a million parts. Warranty claims and claims management are key performance indicators for further examination of the award.

After an in-depth review process, the 2017 award was awarded to CSB Plastic Bearings, which, together with other NSK manufacturers, has been supplying Toyota's products to Europe since 2005.

CSB produces all kinds of plastic bearing products for automotive applications, including products for engine rocker arms. Low friction and high durability of CSB plastic bearings are ideal for rocker arms, which must use cam forces to open and close engine valves efficiently and reliably.

CSB's European manufacturing plant also produces retainers and needle assemblies for transmission applications. Because there are no inner or outer rings, the low cross-section of these products provides maximum load-carrying capacity in a small enclosure. With proper lubrication, they can operate at high speeds and provide precise wheel guidance due to their unique cages.

In addition, the controlled profile roller in the cage and needle roller assembly has the best profile, reduces stress, allows operation in moderately misaligned conditions and prolongs bearing life.