CSB-PCC® Plastic Cable Chains Catalog [NEW2021]

CSB-PCC® Plastic Cable Chains catalog [NEW2021]

CSB-PCC® Plastic Cable Chains catalog [NEW2021] has been released, including new products such as C21 openable micro cable chains and C04 quiet and dust-free cable chains; Now you can download the new electronic catalog from our website, or you can call Or email us to request a new catalog.

C21 Openable Micro Cable Chains are openable along the outer radius, two pieces and small design chains with low weight, making them ideal for highly dynamic applications and cables ffi lled quickly. C21 micro cable chains are optimal for the smallest installation spaces, and are available in many versions.

● Small pitch for low-noise, smooth running

● Two-pieces design, openable along the outer radius

● Openable design and cable filled quickly

● Very lightweight, low price smallest inner heights and bend radius 

C04 Quiet and Dust-free Cable Chains are very light and cleanroom suitable,  the special elastic structure design for rotation connection dliminates the impact noise in the movement, making them ideal for highly dynamic and cleanroom applications.

● Elastic connection and small pitch for low-noise, smooth running 

● Crossbars removable along the inner and outer radius 

● Openable design and cable filled quickly

● Dynamic and quiet suitable for cleanroom applications

>>>Download: CSB-PCC® Plastic Cable Chains catalog [NEW2021]