CSB New Product: LINP Series Precision Linear Bearings

CSB® develops a new product of LINP Series Precision Linear Bearings in early 2020.

LINP precision linear bearings have the same dimensional accuracy as metal ball linear bearings with higher load capacity and extremely low operating noise. The liners are made of TEFPLASTM compounds  material developed for maintenance-free and low friction coefficient. LINP linear bearings are suitable for ±200℃ operation temperature. LINP small gap operation method with TEFPLASTM materials will not damage the shaft but clean the dirt on the surface.

●  High precision similar to preloaded ball bearing

●  Standard liner material TEFPLASTM

    Available materials: TEFPLASTM G and E

●  Anodized aluminum adapter

●  Axial secured by circlips

●  Maintenance-free and low noise

●  Operation temperature ±200℃

LINP Liner Materials

TEFPLASTM B is a standard liner material for LINP precision linear bearings. It combines high load bearing and wear resistance performance which is suitable for hard shaft HRC35 or higher.

TEFPLASTM G material has excellent wear resistance, is suitable for hard shaft, stainless steel shaft or aluminum shaft.

TEFPLASTM E is FDA food contact safety materials which is suitable for stainless steel shaft or aluminum shaft.