CSB Launches Precision Linear Motion Actuator

CSB precision motion drive system is a Uhing model RG rolling ring linear driver, integrated motion controller, used for precision linear motion applications. Precision motion drive is fully programmable to meet the application requirements of precision winding, SMT, X-Y coordinate tool movement, metering equipment and other machinery, providing fast, accurate positioning and reciprocating linear motion. According to the size of the RG drive nut in the system, the precision motion drive system can provide 7 to 800 pounds of axial thrust.

The linear motion of the driving head is controlled by software and fed back to the sensor monitoring of the electronic control unit. Precision motion drive can store up to 20 programs, just press the button to switch out. While satisfying most precision linear motion applications, the system is particularly suitable for precision winding of various circular or flat materials, including wires/cables, PVC pipes, wires, fibers, ropes, rubber hoses and vinyl tapes. The precision motion drive system can also handle customized winding patterns and irregular shape spools.

The precision motion drive system has flexibility in the linear movement of the drive nut. Stop/start, travel direction, linear pitch, travel speed, repetition, rise/fall, and basically all the variables associated with the drive nut movement can be programmed into the system to meet the requirements of accurate linear motion applications. The core PLC / package can be used to control multiple German Yuxing mold RG drive stations, so there is no need to invest in multiple systems to help maintain high productivity.

The package contains a sub motor controlled by SIEMENS S7 PLC. The touch panel control panel is simpler and faster. The precision motion driven shaft is a hardened steel with smooth surface. Without thread, the system can be used in applications where particulate pollutants may fall into thread and cause blockage. The shaft only rotates in one direction, so there is no need to buy reversible motors. The driving nut traveling direction, linear pitch and other motion parameters are controlled by the angle of the rolling ring bearing in the driving unit, and the rolling bearing is controlled by user programming.