CSB® High-Speed Sliding Bearing Technology 2020

CSB® High-Speed Sliding Bearing Technology 2020

CSB® Plastic Bearing Company launched the CSB-ALB® series sliding bearing in 2020, which is suitable for application in high-speed, high-low temperature frequent alternating environments. This series of products breaks through the limitation that the friction heat cannot be dissipated in time when the engineering plastic bearing is used at high speed.This bearing uses wear-resistant material as the sliding layer and is firmly combined with the bearing shell through special sintering technology, so that the frictional heat can be timely dissipated by the metal aluminum with excellent thermal conductivity.

Characteristics of CSB-ALB® high-speed sliding bearings as the following:

 Standard material of sliding layer: TEFPLAS® B

Available materials: TEFPLAS® G and FDA grade TEFPLAS® E

 Shell made of aluminum, available stainless steel

 Self-lubricating, maintenance-free

 Smooth operation, no noise

 High-speed operation and longer life

 Operation temperature ±200

 Suitable for rotation, swing and linear motion


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