CSB Developed Plastic Bearings For Extreme Environmental Applications

Over the years, automotive plastic bearing specialist CSB has been providing a special material for extreme environments, iglidurX. IglidurX can cope with pressure, heat, cold, humidity or acid. The standard product covers 113 sizes, and now it is extended to 312 sizes.

IglidurX is ideal material for high temperature, low temperature and harsh environment. It is designed for extremely harsh environment. These extreme environments include temperature ranging from -100 to +250 degree C, continuous operation and chemical media.

In practice, iglidurX has proved its long service life

The chemical resistance of iglidurX makes it very suitable for fuel pumps. Traditional bearings such as polytetrafluoroethylene coated bearings will contaminate fuel and damage the shaft. Now iglidurX bearings can ensure longer service life of pumps. One of the most classic applications of iglidurX is "PortonMan", a robot for testing protective clothing in the British defense industry. The classic application comes from the 2015 manus competition. Sturdy iglidurX bearings can be loaded under chemical, biological or radioactive materials and assembled in all joints of robots to test protective clothing.

IglidurX sliding bearing has the ability to cope with the strongest operating conditions. IglidurX bearings are used for all joints of "PortonMan".