CSB Bearing Enterprises Import Toman Technology

On April 30, the sound of a machine rumbles in the changsheng plastic bearing company in qiuchuan town, jiashan county."The screen is 2 meters wide and 4 meters long, with an investment of more than 100,000 yuan. It can comprehensively monitor the operation status of 133 lathes."Car processing workshop director zhou yougao said.

This digital monitoring system, also known as toman technology, can help bearing enterprises through the Internet platform to solve the difficulties of intelligent production line equipment detection, fault prevention and other problems, after installation and use can greatly improve the production efficiency.

133 lathes, distributed in a large workshop of 3,400 square meters, are designed to produce up to 600,000 bearings per month.How to effectively and comprehensively monitor?"Before, there was really no other way but for every employee to keep an eye on the lathe."Zhou yougao, who used to work in a similar company in taizhou, said, "tuoman technology is actually simple, that is, a collection system is installed under each machine tool."

Bearing manufacturing, including forging, car processing, inspection and other links.Each link short board is not the same, must be classified to solve, car processing link is only one of them -- import tuoman is good at professional services, supporting investment in industrial robots, equipment upgrade, network line transformation and other funds millions of yuan.

Each lathe on a chip value of thousands of yuan, hundreds of equipment, is not a small number.The government has offered help."The government's guidance is the key."Changshan county economic and information bureau related person in charge, changshan county bearing industry has a long history, but in recent years the total output value has been about 3 billion yuan, to achieve a breakthrough, the first batch of 5 bearing enterprises digital transformation pilot is the first step.Therefore, the introduction of xinchang county, zhejiang tuo man zhizao technology co., LTD. Digital monitoring technology.