CSB Attestation Of FAA In Greater China

China / Jiashan in July 9th July 25, 2018, the United States Federal Aviation Administration (hereinafter referred to as FAA) formally issued the maintenance station license (No. 8S5Y746C) to Zhejiang Changsheng plastic bearing (Jiashan) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: CSB). It highly recognised the maintenance qualification of aero bearing in the Great China area of CSB and the related technology. Power. At present, CSB group is the only enterprise in the world that has aviation bearing design, production and maintenance comprehensive system certification.

Technical strength, official certification

The preparation and audit of the project took 24 months. "FAA is an international authority certification authority for aviation manufacturing technology and standards. It can obtain the certificate of maintenance station license issued by FAA. It means that the CSB Greater China area can provide professional bearing maintenance and maintenance services for CFM56-5B aero engine, GPCT131-9 auxiliary power unit and so on, and can issue a test report approved by the officials." "This marks a milestone in the localization of aviation products and services and is full of confidence in the development of China's aviation market," said CSB, vice president of the industry department of Greater China. "It marks a milestone in the localization of aviation products and services by CSB."

Follow up, CSB will further apply to China and the EU airworthiness authorities to apply for system certification, expand the domestic and foreign aviation engine plastic bearing maintenance services, and gradually cover the CFM56, V2500, GTCP131-9 and other series of aero engines and auxiliary power units.