Changsheng Plastic Bearing Is Listed In The Second Batch Of High-tech Enterprises To Be Recognized In Zhejiang Province In 2018

Recently,  the office of the National Leading Group for the Recognition and  Management of High-tech Enterprises announced the list of the second  batch of high-tech enterprises to be identified in Zhejiang Province in  2018, and 1131 enterprises such as Zhejiang Changsheng Plastic Bearing  Technology Co., Ltd. were included.

Zhejiang  Changsheng Plastic Bearing Technology Co., Ltd. is a scientific and  technological bearing manufacturer integrating R&D, production and  sales. It was founded in 1987 and registered as Zhejiang Changsheng  Plastic Bearing Technology Co., Ltd. in 2007. It mainly sells  non-standard, special and general bearings.