Can The Outer Ellipse Diameter Of CSB-EPB® Engineering Plastic Bearings Be Used Normally?

The outer diameter of CSB-EPB® engineering plastic bearings is not only large but also oval in the free state. First of all, the larger outer diameter of plastic bearings in the free state is a design requirement for interference press-fitting, which to ensure sufficient pretension between the plastic bearing and the housing bore after assembled, and to avoid the plastic bearing slipping out from the housing bore during working process; Secondly, that the outer diameter of the plastic bearing is oval in a free state is the inherent heat shrinkage phenomenon of plastic injection. After the plastic bearing is pressed into the H7 standard housing bore, the good elastic deformation ability of the plastic material will automatically correct its roundness to reach the design standard of value E10 or F10 or D11 tolerances. All CSB engineering plastic bearings that adopt the interference press-fitting process will be checked the tolerance of the inner hole size after pressing into the H7 standard housing bore by using a go-and-not-go-gauge.