Can CSB-FWB® Filament Wound Bearings Be Used Underwater For A Long Time?

Can CSB-FWB® filament wound bearings be used underwater for a long time?

The selection of most standard materials for CSB-FWB® filament wound bearings is from the perspective of wear resistance design. The bearings adopt the optimized materials on completely dry friction. CRM, CRB and CRG filament wound bearings are made of hydrophobic materials so that even if immersed in water will not affect the size of the bearings. Filament wound bearings can be completely in contact with water. However, apart from CRW filament wound bearings, we do not recommend that using the bearings long-term immersion in water. Because the friction layer material of CRM, CRB and CRG filament wound bearings is designed to have optimal wear resistance under completely dry friction. CRW is a wear-resistant filament wound bearing specially developed for long-term underwater applications.  The truth is the wear resistance of CRW filament wound bearings under dry friction is not as good as that in underwater applications.