A Questionnaire Survey On The Counterfeit Infringement Of Plastic Bearing And Advice For Advice.

The counterfeit behavior of plastic bearing not only seriously infringes on the rights and interests of the counterfeit enterprises, but also damages the interests of the consumers, but also seriously affects the healthy development of the plastic bearing industry in China. In order to better establish the organization and implementation methods of the China shaft Association (hereinafter referred to as the counterfeiting Committee), a comprehensive and systematic report to the national leadership group office (hereinafter referred to as "the National Double office") is carried out to the whole country. To the "national doubles office" to guide, support and help to crack down on the counterfeiting of the bearing, the bearing market is effectively standardized, and a questionnaire survey on the bearing counterfeit torts is carried out in the bearing industry and some suggestions are sought. It is expected that the brand enterprises that have been counterfeited and infringed make the work well and actively participate in the series of activities of the China axis Association, and make due contributions to the healthy development of the bearing industry.