2018 China International Bearing Exhibition Opening Ceremony

In September 19th, the 2018 China International plastic bearing and its special equipment exhibition opened in Shanghai. The rotating chairman of China Bearing Industry Association and the directors of CSB Group attended the exhibition, cutting ribbons for the opening ceremony together with the leaders and guests of the Ministry of Industry and Information, China Machinery Industry Federation, China Automobile Industry Association and China Bearing Industry Association.

China Plastic Bearing and Special Equipment Exhibition is the largest professional exhibition of bearings in the world with an exhibition area of 55000 square meters. It gathers thousands of manufacturers, distributors and purchasers from all over the world for trade negotiations. The exhibits cover all types of bearings, special equipment and related parts and components.

After the opening ceremony, the leaders and guests of the association visited the exhibition area. In the exhibition area of CSB Group, leaders and guests introduced the bearing products, bearing parts and components, the latest technology and a complete set of solutions exhibited by the company. The focus of this year's Bush shaft group is to enhance the quality competitiveness, enhance the technical competitiveness, enhance the marketing competitiveness, create new competitive advantages of enterprises in industry. Industrial equipment bearings, rail traffic bearings, automotive and vehicle bearings, and other achievements.

In the past 80 years, the bearing shaft has always focused on the main bearing industry and deep tillage. CSB Group's innovation and progress in the bearing field, not only won the praise of the leaders and guests of relevant associations, but also won the praise of customers and audiences, visits and exchanges of talkers in endless stream.