Changsheng Bearing Industry Trade Union Established

On the morning of November 21, the founding meeting of Jiashan Bearing Industry Trade Union was held in the City Federation of trade unions, and the leading group of the City Federation of trade unions attended the meeting.

The Congress elects the first committee of the Bearing Industry Trade Union. The chairman of Changsheng Plastic Bearing Technology Co., Ltd. put forward the request at the first meeting of the trade union committee of bearing industry: first, the flag is clear, the stand is firm, leading the broad masses of workers to follow the party's advice; second, enriching knowledge, proficient in business, performing the function of trade union work; third, pioneering and innovating, boldly exploring and practicing. To carry out the objectives and tasks put forward by the 17th National Congress of the Trade Union; to clarify responsibilities, unite and work hard to accomplish the respective duties and tasks of the members; to coordinate efforts from top to bottom, to work together and to play a good role as a bridge; and to be honest and clean, to take the lead in exercising the spirit of the Eight Provisions of the Central Committee.