​Development Of Polymer Plastic Bearings Molded Sintering Technology

Polymer plastic bearings material modification technology the world has been a rapid growth; China CSB self-lubricating modification technology company has more than 20 years of development history, the current CSB according to various polymer materials inherent characteristics have been changed of products suitable for different processing techniques and conditions of use.
Sintering molded plastic plain bearings are generally subjected to low efficiency and high precision manufacturing constraints, so the development space is relatively small, not suitable for mass production; currently used polymer molded plastic plain bearing applications sintering technology made relatively more there are two:
One is the use of plastic filled with modified PTFE, Teflon sliding bearings, such as China CSB has developed low-friction plastic sliding bearings CSB-EPB14; another is filled with sliding modified polyimide bearings, such as China CSB has developed a high-performance plastic plain bearings CSB-EPB10.
Modified PTFE molded plastic manufacturing sintered sliding bearings technology content is relatively low, so the domestic manufacturers began to use more early production and application of these bearings, the advantage of a relatively low coefficient of friction of about 0.11, almost strong corrosion resistant to all industrial chemical liquid, high temperature up to 260 ℃, but due to poor abrasion resistance and restricted production and price factors, so applications are not widespread.
Filled using plastic plain bearings made of polyimide material modification due to its relatively high technical requirements, currently only professional production of DuPont in Europe, the US and Japan, China CSB currently available injection molding and sintering plastic molding high-performance polymer plain bearings CSB-EPB10; CSB-EPB10 material either from the strength or temperature resistance from wear respects relatively good; continuous use temperatures up to 288 ℃, short-term up to 480 ℃, by adding graphite graphite or molybdenum disulfide MoS2 modified it to reduce the coefficient of friction between 0.08 to 0.12, has excellent abrasion resistance; but because raw material prices are very expensive, mainly used in aircraft, space, military products, parts, with the car improve OA machinery technical requirements are gradually adopting CSB CSB-EPB10 company's products.
With the progress of self-lubricating material modification, the slide bearings application technology is the rapid development! At present, China CSB company produces plastic plain bearings have been successfully used in civilian machinery, military machinery and aerospace and other fields; With the rising applications continue to expand and work requirements, the slide bearings materials technology, manufacturing and application of technology has yet to be we continue to explore in practice, research and progress.