Sharing the grand meeting to achieve the future -- the 30 year birthday of China axis Association and the special journal of international bearing exhibition in 2018


During  the 2018 China International bearing exhibition, the CSBplastic  bearing industrial association was set up on the occasion of the 30th  anniversary.  Was founded in 30th anniversary to celebrate the CSB axis Association,  intends to "bearing industry" for print, "Chinese bearing industry  network as the network media, CSB axis co administrative micro-blog,  CBIA exhibition administrative micro-blog, bearing industry Editorial  Department of administrative micro-blog for mobile media, during the  exhibition, to celebrate the CSB axis association was founded in 30th  anniversary, and the promotion of the bearing exhibition and exhibitors.

Specify the association five Media Association: "the Chinese  axis plastic bearings industry", "Chinese bearing industry",  "administrative micro-blog bearing association", "administrative  micro-blog CBIA Exhibition", "bearing industry editorial department  administrative micro-blog" jointly launched the "Chinese bearing  industry association was founded in 30th anniversary and 2018 Chinese  international bearings and special equipment special exhibition".